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The new name for our in-house producer – introducing MILIO

Back in 2009 three Cardiff-based producers met together and launched a new music project under ‘Audioplayerz’ name.

Their first single ‘Crazy’ featuring Sarah Brown got a recognition from the likes of BBC Radio 1 and Kiss FM, with a hit 2-step garage remix courtesy of Control-S.

The single’s success led to DJ bookings across UK and Europe, however, as the time passed Audioplayerz reduced to just two members and eventually it became a one-man band.

As Emil explains: “Despite the other guys getting gradually less and less involved in the project, I kept on on producing, remixing and DJing under the Audioplayerz monkier for the following 3-4 years. With time, however, this started creating confusion as people weren’t sure whether it’s a one person or a group behind the project. I then decided it’s time to re-brand the project and introduce a new name”.

And so, as of March 2018, the man behind Audioplayerz has become known as MILIO and he already has a first single ready to be released under his new name.

Watch out this space.