Angel Kiss


Talented, driven and with a hint of madness, DJ Angel Kiss’s take on House music has seen her smash the scene in her native Poland and across the globe. Developing her sound at gigs and festivals from Krakow to Warsaw, she now holds transatlantic residencies in New York and her adopted home of the UK.

DJ Angel Kiss’ single minded devotion to the House groove sees her toiling by day in a DJ equipment shop but by night she can be tracked down leading the party during her sets at Staines’ Niche or NYC’s Exit Club. Her mantra “Do what you want no matter what other people think,” has powered her into a head-turning DJ quickly building an army of fans.

Taking both her intellectual and hedonistic approach to life to the dance floor, DJ Angel Kiss’ sets are carefully measured for clubs with a fine balance of dirty and ecstatic moments. Building up a pumping groove with Tech and Progressive House, Angel Kiss keeps things fresh by spicing her sets with gritty electro bangers for dirtier moments. Full of tricks and surprises she always looks to add the organic warmth of Latin vocals and percussion to her unique sets.

Cherry picking from labels such as Notopa Agency, 4Vinyl, Defence Music she’s always ready to throw down something pumping, sexy and crazy. In seven years of honing her ability she has played alongside the likes of Emerson (De), Leo Laker (Fin), Steave Krafft (UK/Hed Kendi), Lars Schneemann (De), and Donnell Knox (USA). She even gained national fame as a guest of Poland’s famous ‘DJ Battle’ show where she impressed with her creativity and fresh ideas that persuaded judges to award her ‘Best Dance DJ’.

Hungry for more success and looking to bring her dance floor expertise to the masses, she has recently teemed up with the Acid Casual’s Retrac, to create compelling, floor smashing material in her own sexy, naughty image.