Cherry Coke

Cherry Coke

Cherry Coke aka Pete Foster is a 22 year old up-and-rising producer and DJ from the far, eastern parts of Poland.

His journey with music began in 2007 when he started honing his production skills in a home studio. Then at the turn of the year 2008-09, his first house and progressive house remixes started appearing on the internet and music blogs around the globe.

But it wasn’t until early 2011 when the noticeable breakthrough came through. His two original tracks, ‘Paradise’ and ‘Milky Way’, got spotted and signed by UK-based record label, Grooveland Records.

Both tunes were amazingly uplifting, big-room Swedish house tunes with ‘hands-in-the-air’ piano chords, euphoric riffs, recognizable percussive elements and strong, punchy beats.

These tracks not only caused quite a stir on the clubbing scene, being supported by the likes of Stonebridge and Mastiksoul, but has also made Cherry Coke known among the music blogging community as a Polish Avicii / Tim Berg!

The future looks very bright for this talented, young producer!

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