Blazej Panas better known as Moosak is an artist whose musical taste and work have been heavily influenced by two Polish producers: Sebastian S and Roberto Bedross.

His style could be described as a mixture of tech-house and disco house and that’s what he currently focuses on when producing music in his bedroom studio.

In 2009 Moosak set up his own label “Blasted Recordings” with a help of the guys behind UK-based Grooveland Records. Its first release Moosak – Saxo Loop have been met with a great enthusiasm and feedback and was played on major Polish radio stations including Radio ESKA and GRA.

His latest single “Fire”, got signed by Grooveland Records and was released in 2010 with the remixes from artists such as Vision Factory (CR2), Roberto Bedross, Grande Vue, Bass Fly (Big Love Rec.), Rod Debyser (Stealth) and many others.

Moosak strongly believes that “whatever you can conceive, you can achieve” and consistently completes the goals he sets up for himself.