“Katapult” is the latest release by London-based DJ, Producer, Sound Designer and Event Organiser Andrew Consoli and is a special one too!

With releases on such labels as Stoney Boy Music, Dominium Recordings, Funky Fruit and Baci Recordings behind his belt, Italian-born Andrew Consoli actively pursues his music career on a number of fronts.

He is a co-founder of a unique one-day workshop for music producers Beatcamp, working closely with industry leading brands including Focusrite-Novation, Island Records, Dolby and Loopmasters. His “Around The Club” radio show is broadcasted on over 40 radio stations in 15 countries and when he’s not busy producing his own tracks, he is a sound designer for leading companies such as Loopmasters, Sample Magic and CNTRL Samples. This variety of musical activities and influences allows him to expand his musical horizons and combine different genres into his productions, results of which can be heard in his latest track.

“Katapult” is a release like no other. It stands out from the current deep house or EDM trends by offering a clever mix in between. The breakdown has a melodic old school vibe with catchy piano chords and pitched down vocals to create those hands-in-the air moments but when the beat drops it’s a completely different story – a dirty electro house that will please all festival goers.

On the remix front we have a massive, and we mean it, remix by a newcomer Calimba who won the best unsigned track at the London Electronic Music Event in both 2013 and 2014.

The remix stays true to the original track by keeping the 2-in-1 formula but with Calimba’s very own sound. It is a beautiful mix between electronic, broken beat intro gradually changing into a melodic progressive house which then drops into huge mainroom house track with its catchy melody riff that instantly brings a smile to one’s face. We have no doubt that this one is a hit!